The Best Restaurants to Eat Paella in Madrid

Casa Benigna

One of the best restaurants to eat paella in Madrid is Casa Benigna, located on Calle Benigna Soto.  This is a family owned restaurant that has been around since 1990 and customers claim that this is some of the best traditional paella that they’ve ever had.  One of the unique things about this restaurant is they serve their rice dishes in a “patella,” which is similar to a paella pan but it doesn’t have handles and it’s thicker, which maintains the heat better than traditional plates.

Taberna el Arco

The next restaurant to find good paella is Taberna el Arco, which is located on Calle Huertas.  Their paella choices range from traditional seafood paella to black (squid ink) paella.  They offer a wide variety of paella including seafood paella, chicken paella, rabbit paella, and black paella, and they all come in traditional cast iron paella pans.

Rosi La Loca Taberna

Next on the list we have Rosi La Loca Taberna, which is located on Calle de Cádiz, near the Puerta del Sol.  This restaurant specializes in tapas but it has some of the best paella in Madrid.  Guests claim that it is “authentic and tasty!”  Many of their visitors claim that you “must try their paella!”  This is one of the best restaurants in Madrid where you can find good, quality, and authentic Spanish food.

Mercado de San Miguel

The San Miguel Market is actually one of the best places in Madrid to find good, authentic paella.  This is also a great place if you want to try various different types of paella.  They offer traditional seafood paella, mixed paella, vegetable paella, and other varied types of rice such as black rice and “arroz costra.”  There is one station in the market dedicated to traditional Spanish rice dishes, and I assure you once you’ve tried paella one time it won’t be your last!

Meson Restaurante La Mi Venta

The next restaurant on the list is Meson Restaurante La Mi Venta, which is located in Plaza Marina española.  Like Casa Benigna, this is a family owned business that opened its doors on May 5, 1962.  The González Díaz-Tendero family has passed down the restaurant through generations.  Along with delicious paella, the restaurant offers facilities such as an outdoor terrace, a bar, a winery, and the cave, among others.   

La Barraca

La Barraca is a restaurant in Madrid that specializes in rice dishes and paella.  It is another family owned restaurant that is run by the Solis family and they opened their doors in 1935.  They are located on Calle Reina and their motto is “Discover the pleasure of simplicity well done.”  La Barraca specializes in traditional Spanish cuisine and ever since they opened their doors, they have been one of the restaurants to follow.  On their website they claim, “We put a great deal of intuition and heart into our cooking in order to achieve the style which, in turn, gives each of our dishes a unique character.”  

L’Albufera Restaurante

The final restaurant on the list is L’Albufera, which is located on Calle Capitan Haya inside a hotel.  The restaurant opened its door in 1983 and has two different settings, depending on what type of atmosphere you’re looking for.  In one room there is an enjoyable, covered terrace and in the other is a large two-floor dining room.  On weekends and holidays, the restaurant offers a free “mini club” for children aged 3 to 12 where they can play with toys and there are activities for them to do while their parents enjoy some alone time at dinner.  This amenity is created for their entertainment and is under strong supervision by a monitor in a “purpose-built room.”  

The Best Restaurants to Eat Paella in Madrid
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