The 10 Best Parks in Madrid

1. Retiro Park

Retiro Park is located in the heart of Madrid and is one of people’s favorite parks to go to.  It’s a great place to go for a walk, bike riding, have a picnic, or even sunbathe.  The Crystal Palace is located in this park, and that’s another must see in Madrid. In the center there is a man-made pond where you can rent boats by the hour and this makes a beautiful photo for your Instagram!


2. Royal Botanical Gardens

Next on the list is the Royal Botanical Gardens, located next to the Prado Museum.  Today there are about 90,000 plants and flowers and 1,500 trees.  The garden is divided into 7 major outdoor sections and 5 greenhouses.  In 1774, King Charles III requested that the garden be moved to where it is located today!  


3. Casa de Campo

The next park on the list is Casa de Campo, which is the largest park in Madrid.  People think Retiro Park is big, but they should see Casa de Campo! Inside of this park you can find the amusement park, the zoo, and the aerial cable cars known as the Teleférico, among others.  The cable cars take you from Casa de Campo to the Parque del Oeste, which is on the other side of the Manzanares River. This is definitely a must do!   


4. Parque del Oeste

Next, we have the Parque del Oeste, which is located north of the Royal Palace. Inside of this park you can find the Rosaleda (Rose Garden), the Templo de Debod, the Cementerio de La Florida, the Fuente de Juan de Villanueva, and the Monumento a Goya.  The Templo de Debod is one of the must-sees in Madrid and it is the best place to see the sunset. The Fuente de Juan de Villanueva is one of the city’s tallest fountains and the Monumento a Goya is a monument in the park that honors one of Spain’s most famous painters.    

5. Jardines de Sabatini

The Sabatini Gardens are part of the Royal Palace, and is a beautiful place for a stroll on a sunny day in Madrid, which is almost every day! Inside of these gardens you can find a large rectangular pond in the center, fountains, trees, white marble sculptures, and a terrace where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a breathtaking view. Although this park is beautiful during the day, it is spectacular during dusk because it is one of the best places in Madrid to watch the sunset.

6. Campo del Moro

The next park in Madrid is Campo del Moro, which is located between the Manzanares River and the Royal Palace.  In this park you can see beautiful views of the Palace and it is a great place to go for a stroll.  There are hundreds of beautiful flowers and trees to see, as well as the lovely fountain in the center of the park.

7. Jardín del Príncipe de Anglona

One of the forgotten and less popular parks in Madrid is the Jardín del Príncipe de Anglona.  A lot of people don’t know that this is a public park and is open to anyone.  This park is located in the neighborhood of La Latina and is full of greenery and contains a small granite fountain in the center, which becomes the center of attention.

8. Dehesa de la Villa

Dehesa de la Villa is a much different park than the other ones in Madrid.  This one is much more forest-like and contains trees like oaks trees, almond trees, pine trees, and acacias.  During its existence, Dehesa de la Villa has suffered a reduction of its original oak trees, so Isabel II began the repopulation of pine trees.  If you are an active bird watcher, this is also the park for you!  More than 70 different species of birds have been spotted here!

9. Parque de El Capricho

Open mainly on the weekends to the public, the next best park in Madrid is the Parque de El Capricho.  The Duke and Duchess of Osuna created this park, but especially the Duchess because she was a defender of intellectuals, artists, and bullfighters, and wanted to build a place where the most prestigious artists, gardeners, and set designers could work freely.  This park also has a hidden treasure.  In this park you can find the bunker of the Jaca Position, which is the only model in Europe of this type of structures from the Spanish Civil War!   

10. Parque Juan Carlos I

The final park is the Parque Juan Carlos I, which is the main municipal park in Madrid.  This park was named after King Juan Carlos I, and contains many modern sculptures including Meetings, Monument to Peace, and Inner Journey, among many others.  The famous music festival, the Music MetroRock festival, is annually held at this park.

The 10 Best Parks in Madrid
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