Original Souvenirs from Madrid


No matter where you go in Spain, you’ll see fans in almost every tourist shop.  They are beautiful and authentic, and come in every shape, size, and color.  Whether you’re looking for one made of lace, decorated with flowers, or one that is hand painted, you’ll find it all in Madrid!  Rightfully famous because of flamenco dancing, another thing that Spain is famous for, these fans can range anywhere from €2-€20+ depending on the quality of the fan.


Alpargatas are Spain’s famous summer shoes.  Looking similar to American’s Toms, these are famous among both tourists and Spaniards and come spring time, there is a line out the door of Casa Hernánz, the world-famous shop where they hand make each shoe with cloth and rope.  The shoes come in a variety of 32 different colors and are definitely a must buy when you come to Madrid!  



These may sound silly but once you see a hand painted and authentic one, you’ll understand why people collect them.  Ranging from ceramic to porcelain to metal, you’ll be able to find at least one that speaks to you.


At Chocolatería San Ginés, Madrid’s most famous churro shop, you can purchase their famous hot chocolate.  This is the thick, creamy dipping chocolate that comes with churros.  I promise you that this will be a huge hit when you return home!   


Paella is Spain’s most famous dish and it is this delicious saffron that gives it that yummy taste.  Compared to in the States, saffron is very inexpensive here.  It is definitely something that you should take advantage of while you’re in Madrid!  

Olive Oil

Many people don’t know this, but Spain is the number-one producers of olive oil, beating out Italy.  You can buy a delicious bottle or ten for not that much money at La Chinata!


No matter where you go in Spain you’ll be able to find ceramics in every tourist shop you go.  Whether it’s a plate, bowl, spoon holder, or mug you can find a ceramic version everywhere. These beautiful mosaics resemble the beautiful art that is all over Spain, and can definitely be packaged to make it on the flight home!

Flamenco Dolls

Flamenco is an internationally recognized art and is part of Spanish culture. So for that reason, flamenco dolls are the best-selling and most typical Spanish souvenir.


Sangria is as well known outside our borders as the paella. A wine-based drink with a sweet aftertaste.

Original Souvenirs from Madrid
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