It is one of the oldest “tablaos” in the capital; they opened in 1956. Since their opening they have become one of those places that’s famous because they crossed borders and they have not been small with their friendly social personalities and have not closed for one night and have enjoyed this show. From the biggest actresses and actors from North American movies from the past century like Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth or Charlton Heston, to politicians and presidents like George Bush, Richard Nixon, and John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Carlos Menem, and huge artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Lastly they have hosted people in Madrid from Australia like Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant, Rob Schneider, Adrian Brody, Natalie Portman, or Richard Gere, among others. On the stage of the Morería corral, they have hosted the best singers, the best guitarists, and the most well known flamenco artists: Isabel Pantoja, La Chunga, Antonio Gades, the White King, or the Imperial Pastor. Many people consider it as the Cathedral of Flamenco Art in Spain. In reality, it is counted as its own stable frame of dancers, guitarists, and singers. This is a place of the Madrilène night that you do not want to miss.

Also, this establishment counts with two different gastronomic spaces, in which the chef, David García, presents his proposals. The Morería Corral restaurant is a unique place in which the chef creates a gastronomic proposal that is very personal and is designed exclusively for four tables. And Tablao Restaurant has the capacity where you can also find a stage in which you can enjoy this unique experience.

This room, whose decoration is the imitation of the Alhambra of Granada, is one of the most well known flamenco tablaos of the capital. With more than 50 years on their backs, in the beginning he was a witness to the discovery of song artists and flamenco dancers, like Camarón and Paco of Lucía.

Today it is realized with great well-known international figures and a flamenco painting formed by more than 20 people. A live show, whose art leaves people with a feeling when they leave the room that they will enjoy it and both boys and girls will understand it. A singer, a Spanish guitarist, and accompanied hands accompany the flamenco dancers, where improvisation plays a very important role.

Also classic Spanish dance shows at the end offer a “path” through various dances of our country. This local, a path of Gran Vía, also is a restaurant, in whose letter can find an inspired kitchen author who was inspired by the traditional gastronomy of the market.

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