Best PubCrawl in Madrid

Join the best pubcrawl in Madrid

The pubcrawl is a great way to meet people, not because you’ll help each other piece together the night before, but because it all starts here in Cat’s bar.

Before the tour leaves the hostel, we start with drinking games in our bar here at Cat’s Hostel. This is where the bonding between fellow drinkers and travelers begin. Beer pong is the number one go to game, to get people drinking and chatting- the perfect combination for a great night.

What is our pubcrawl about?

The pubcrawl consists of 2 bars and a club so be prepared for making it right on time for breakfast at 8 am without having reached your bed!

I am in no way being biased about the pubcrawl but as the staff here at Cat’s I was the number one pubcrawl customer for a solid two months before I got moved to reception for the next step of my placement (you try staring at a computer all afternoon while going through a hangover: not fun!)

Again, not being biased but it is honestly the best night you could hope for. With the drinks flowing, epic dancing and music banging in each place you go. The bars and clubs are not usually the same each night so if you did it two, three or four nights in a row you´ll be in for a few surprises each time.


Tips for girls

Girls, I know the struggle of heels. I´m a big fan because I’m only 4 foot 10 and heels are my best friend back in Ireland. However in Madrid, I just can´t do it.

As much as we ladies love our heels I think you should leave them at home safe and sound! The streets here are cobbled and there are uneven surfaces that come out of nowhere! Also there are some minor slopes here which makes travelling club to club slightly difficult. I established this on my first night here on my first pubcrawl. I even wore my favourite comfy boots but with the dancing and the cobbled streets I quickly figured it was a no-go. They might make our legs look more elegant, make us feel better and look taller, but personally, I prefer to carry home a burrito rather than my shoes.


Tips for boys

Also boys, wearing shorts and flipflops/ white sneakers into clubs here regardless of the season is not suitable – we didn’t make the rules lads! It’s just a heads up.

Tips for all

Make sure to have some  ID with you always. The law requires the clubs to ID everyone so you might not be able to get in without it.

Why you should join

We have plenty of solo travelers go on the pubcrawl and for the rest of their stay they are best friends with the people they met that night. A blissful whirlwind friendship made over alcohol and bad decisions (what the vast majority of all friendships are made of I think).


How it works

Our bar opens at 7 and our pubcrawl guides arrive at 8 to provide you with any info and organize the pre-party games but you don’t leave the hostel until 1 am when the bar closes. This baffled me because where I live, the clubs will start to close at that time and you’re finding your way home.

So the structure of the pubcrawl after the drinking games is that you get a free beer/ sangria/ shot after you purchase your pubcrawl band. Then you get a free shot in each place as well as free entry!!

If you don’t drink that is perfectly ok you are definitely not pressured or by any means the only one. We have had many people who don’t drink enjoy the pubcrawl and they’re the ones telling all the gossip from the night before.

The pubcrawl staff also live at the hostel so they know  the struggle better than anyone. They are not only hired workers: they are a part of the hostel and the soul of the party. They are great and personally have become some of my good friends. They’ll make sure you’re having a great night, they’ll sit with you if you drink too much, they’ll give you a hug if you drunkenly cry and they’ll ensure that you return safely.

I thoroughly enjoy the pubcrawl and so many people do. For €12 for the band, it’s a small price to pay for a fantastic night with fantastic people.

Best PubCrawl in Madrid
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