Tapas Tour Madrid

We round you guys up and kick the night off at Cats Cave. We give you a beer and some Spanish tortillas while giving you the reason as the where Tapas originally came from. This is done more as an introduction, so you get to meet who you’ll be drinking and dining with for the rest of the night.

When that’s all done and dusted, we will leave the hostel to go to the first Tapas place which I have mentioned in ‘Spots not to Miss in Madrid’ here you’ll have wine in win sacks and beer in a bong shaped glass. DO NOT WEAR A WHITE TOP/DRESS/SHIRT. Unless you want fabulous wine stains all over you because not all of you will be able to direct that bota accurately.

Next, a little tipsy, we head to El Tigre. This is one of the best and most casual tapas place in Madrid. No matter what month of the year it is, it is packed all the time. We take you guys here to experience the Spanish vibes and you can bond even more with your fellow ‘tapas tourists’. After some more beer and leaving even more buzzed, we venture to El Sidre.

Here we will all drink cider, go through some more traditions of that particular cider and we will continue to make sure you have a great night with good conversations. It could also be like matchmaking for us too which is quite fun really.

Finally we leave the final place and wander back to cats where we all do shots and kick on throughout the night. We always have a wonderful night doing the tapas tour and we know you will too because you’re partying like a cat!

Tapas Tour Madrid
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