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Is there a place to leave your things in the rooms? Or the day that you check out?

Each guest has a locker with a lock in his room where they can leave their things. The lockers are secure but we are not responsible for valuable items left in them.

On checkout day, we have a free consignment service. You can leave you things with us during the day.

You can only leave your things in the consignment on checkout day, and you should claim them before 10:00 pm on the day that you leave for safety reasons. Whatever luggage exceeds the specified timeframe will be inspected by our staff and in the case that it cannot be opened, the police will be called and the luggage may be destroyed. In this case, Cat’s hostel will not be responsible for lost or damaged luggage. If luggage is not claimed but Cat’s hostel has deemed it safe, it will be stored but it will accrue a daily storage fee that you must pay before claiming your luggage.

What Activities do you have at the hostel?

Cat’s hostel has the most intense daily activity calendar in Madrid. If you aren’t sure about what to do in Madrid, we offer activities everyday (the majority of which are free): Guided tours of Madrid, shopping tours, Tapa tours, Spanish classes, salsa classes, Ice breaker games, and of course, Madrid’s best pubcrawl. And of course if you are fireproof, the pubcrawl is different every night. Ask the guys at the reception if you have any questions, they are awesome and they’ll help you plan your trip here. Also, you can enjoy our bar, Cat’s Cave. Every night there are different activities from karaoke to Spanish classes to parties. Saturdays we have themed parties.

Drug Policy at the hostel: NO DRUGS

Our policy is simply, No drugs. At Cat’s Hostel it is not allowed to consume any type of drug. Although we are a fun hostel and partiers, we are serious about this. Therefore, any person that consumes drugs in the hostel will be immediately thrown out and will be denied entrance in the future, apart from the legal measures that might be taken. The consumption and possession of small quantities for personal consumption doesn’t constitute a misdemeanor, however if it is consumed in public places, trafficking is strongly persecuted.

Can you smoke in Cat’s Hostel? Do you sell tobacco?

No, you cannot smoke on Cat’s Hostel premises. Spanish law completely prohibits smoking in enclosed common areas since January 2011. We don’t want any tobacco in the building.

Do we need to bring sheets or a sleeping bag?

At Cat’s Hostel we provide you with free sheets. This is included in the price of the bed. If you need, we will also provide you with a towel, however we do ask you for a small deposit that will be returned to you when you return the towel when leaving the hostel.

Is there a kitchen that the guests can use?

No, we do not have a kitchen. We don’t think that it should be a priority to make your stay special because Madrid is a cheap city to eat. Our personnel we inform you of the best and most economical places to have lunch or dinner, but basically you can eat well throughout all of Madrid. If a kitchen is a priority for you, we recommend that you stay at MAD Hostel.

Is there breakfast included at Cat’s Hostel? What type of breakfast do you have?

Breakfast is not included. If you wish to have breakfast, you can enjoy it for 2 euros per person and day. Breakfast is from 8:00 am until 10:00 am every morning. It consists in a open buffet. We have three types of cereals, milk, juice, a variety of pastries and breads and of course, tea and coffee. More than enough to recharge your batteries and start your day with energy.