Are you looking for a cheap place to sleep in Madrid that is a clean, safe, comfortable place? At Cat’s Hostel, we offer clean cheap beds in rooms of all types (well, we don’t have luxury suites) from 2 to 14 person rooms, with shared or private bathrooms.


Cat’s Hostel is without a doubt the best place to take a nap AL MÁS ESPAÑOL after having walked all of Madrid during the day. Also it’s the favorite place of Backpackers and independent travellers to DESPLOMARSE A GUSTO after living through a crazy night in Madrid.


If you are looking for a hostel to socialize with people from all around the world, visit Madrid and a safe place to sleep that is central and clean, Cat’s Hostel is the place that you are looking for.


We have different types of rooms that can adapt to what you are looking for: individual, doubles (with matrimonial beds or two individual beds), 4 person rooms and shared dorms (6-16 ppl). All of our rooms have air conditioning and heat to guarantee you a comfortable rest during every season of the year. The buffet style breakfast is also included with your reservation so that every day you can leave ready to conquer Madrid . Furthermore, every room has individual security lockers so that you can leave you things with ease as you walk about Madrid.

Mixed Dorms


Mixed shared rooms, number of beds are anywhere between 4 and 16. The more beds that are in the room, the cheaper it is at Cat’s Hostel! At Cat’s Hostel, we have a big variety of mixed dorms to match the tastes of all types of travellers. Small rooms of 4-6 beds, Medium rooms with 8-10 beds, and Large rooms with 12-16 beds. Some dorms have showers and private toilets and others have shared bathrooms available on every floor.


  • Bright and colorful rooms.
  • Comfortable and spacious bunk beds.
  • Each bed has three outlets (EU plugs) and an individual lamp.
  • Large security lockers in order to lock up all of your things.
  • Air conditioning and heating to be comfortable all year round.

From 12€ per bed per night

Private Rooms


Comfortable and private rooms for one or two people. Wonderful for couples (of friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, friends with benefits, friends who might become boyfriend/girlfriend.. hey only you know). In whichever case if you don’t want to share, the private double is your best option.

Some have a private bathroom, others shared. Perfect for couples, friends, and independent guests who like the daily excitement of a hostel but prefer a little more privacy at night.


  • All the rooms have a nightstand and a lamp.
  • Mirrors- so that you can see how beautiful you are.
  • Warm comfortable sheets.
  • WIFI included.
  • Air conditioning and heat so you are comfortable all year round.

From 45€ per bed per night

Male/Female Dorms


Rooms with 8 beds for just the guys o just the girls.

Girls, do you want to escape the snores of the guys and the aroma of their feet? Guys, do you want time alone with just the boys without the girls protesting the smell of your breath or the lingering smell of your feet? Cat’s Hostel understands you and therefore we have dorms only for girls and others only for boys.


  • Bright, lively rooms.
  • Comfortable and spacious bunk beds.
  • Each bed has three outlets (European plugs) and an individual lamp.
  • Large security lockers for locking up all your things.
  • Rooms locked with electronic magnetic keys.
  • Common bathrooms only for men and only for women on each floor.

From 15€ per bed per night

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