Don’t Miss the 10 Best Tapas in Madrid According to the Locals! 2017

Madrid is the capital of Spain, so it is the most visited city throughout the year for national and international tourism. One of the things that you can do is go to a tapas bar with one of our groups in Madrid, because there are so many pubs that are worth a try. If you are going to be in the capital, you can find everything from Spanish food, to Chinese, to Japanese, to Italian…. But if you are in Madrid, the best thing to do is eat typical food from the country, and especially, from the capital.

The Best Calamari Sandwich from Madrid.

This is the most renowned tapa from Madrid, and consists of a fried calamari sandwich. It is something that you should not miss. According to the experts, the best is served in a bar called “El Brillante.” This sandwich is quite caloric, like each of these tapas that we mention in this article, so recharge your batteries and don’t miss these delicious bites!

The Best-Grilled Ear in Madrid.

One of the most well known bars in which they serve this peculiar tapa is in “La Oreja de Oro,” which is located in the center of Madrid. This tapa is very typical in Madrid and consists of pork ear that is chopped into cubes or long strips and is usually grilled or sautéed and is accompanied with a spicy sauce. If you accompany it with an ice cold beer the flavor will be much better.

Where to Eat the Best “Chitterlings” in Madrid.

This is a very typical and distinctive plate of Madrid. The most famous place where you can eat them is at “Freiduría Gallineja.” It is a plate with enough flavors to fill the palate, and consists of the fried meat’s viscera. It doesn’t sound very appetizing but it is worth the try!

Potato Tortilla.

This is a very excellent Spanish dish and one of the most popular ones! One of the best bars that serve this tapa is called “La Ardosa.” Who doesn’t know the Spanish potato omelet? It is a very easy dish to make and is very addicting! And delicious!

Garlic Shrimp.

This is a typical and simple dish that you can try at “La Casa del Abuelo.” Don’t forget to ask for bread when you order this tapa because we are sure that you are going to leave your plate as clean as a freshly washed dish. You don’t want to miss this!

Cod Croquettes.

One of the best places where they serve these is “Casa Labra,” a very central place. This is a tapa that you can finish in two bites and is extremely juicy.

Where to Eat “Torreznos.”

Torreznos are the crusts or rinds of fried pork. It may sound bad but it is finger licking good. Once you try one you will not stop until the plate is clean and empty. In “Mui” you can try this classic appetizer with an avant-garde touch from the hand of the great chef.

Snails from Madrid.

“Los Caracoles” is the most well known place to eat them. They are very good and you should not miss them!

Spicy Potatoes.

This simple tapa is very excellent, and is very easy to eat when accompanied with a beer. You can try them in “Docamar.” They are very rich and delicious!

All right, we told you which ones are the 10 best tapas in Madrid that you should not miss and where to try them, so go now and good luck!

Don’t Miss the 10 Best Tapas in Madrid According to the Locals! 2017
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