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Things to do in Madrid – Cat’s Hostel


Join our specialized tour guides to learn about the most symbolic corners of Madrid (at least the most symbolic of the day) and Madrid’s main monuments. Furthermore, with Cat’s Hostel Madrid City Tour you can always meet others that are staying at the hostel and socialize a bit.


Come to our pub crawl to have big fun. We offer: 1 beer/ Spanish Sangria/ shot at the meeting point, our bar, 2 more bars, and entrance to a club; tequila shots and discounts on drinks at the bars and a VIP Access to the club.


This summer we thought that the best would be to have a beach bar right in the middle of Madrid with views of the center…. And we decided to build it on the rooftop at MAD Hostel, our other hostel is a few streets away. We have the best beach bar in Madrid (perhaps because it’s the only one).


Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday get a drink at our bar and have free food with it. Cooked by our staff with love <3

TAPAS (15€)

Everyone wants to think that the most important sport in Spain is Football (soccer), but don’t be fooled. The most important sport in Spain is “tapeo”.

Don’t leave Madrid without playing our national sport, you will it well, you’ll have fun with other guests and it will all be a new experience.


Cooking authentic Paella is an art and traditionally something that our guests love to see. Our Paella Cooking Show is one of the favorite regular events for all.

Of course the majority of our guest continue to be more interested in eating the Paella than cooking it… therefore we will also serve you some after the show.


We never know when the next big star of “The Voice” will show up at our hostel and therefore we like to always be prepared by having our Karaoke ready. Come and show us all of your best talent (or the lack thereof).


How wide is your miscellaneous knowledge? Team up with other travellers, take our challenge and you might end up winning some nice prices!


Join our Beer Pong tournament. We have people from different countries and beer… what else do you need?


Of course we are not organizing trekking around the hostel. For this activity we´ll take you o the outskirts of Madrid. This would be a unique opportunity to enjoy a day in the nature and make a picnic lunch. You are not here just for the urban jungle, right?